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AirWolves - Where paragliding starts

AirWolves paragliding portal's idea was founded in 2013, and after a long, precise planning, in 2014 it has opened it's "gates" before the sport loving crowd.

Our main goal is to collect in one place the most and the most helpful information for paragliding, that really help the paragliders' orientation.

Along with it our goal is to build the biggest, most crowded- multinational- paragliding community that can share their experiences, observations through stories and the forum- they can upload videos, they can sell and buy accessories from each other using the market, and of course to build connections, friendships through the mutual passion, the paragliding.

Our website's activity overarches frontiers, that's why you can find Europe's most countries' sites in our database, which we constantly expand. On the site pages, you can find every relevant and helpful information: approachability, map, gps coordinates, altitude differences, occasional restrictions and airspace informations, actual weather informations, guides, and photos, videos, stories from paragliders.

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Paragliding isn't just a sport, it's a way of life. The flying, the free spirit bonds us paragliders.
That's why we've created the stories system, so if you want to share the experience with others, here you can do it easily and in the most pleasing form.
With this, you don't just write your adventure down, you can be a big help for other paragliders who want to visit the site you previously visited, so because of your story, they have a cleaner picture of it before going there. You can attach photos, videos to your stories and you can also rate the sites with a point-based rating system.

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We've created a complete market on our website, where we can help you to buy and sell any paragliding accessories.
It's very similar to the biggest internet market places, but our biggest asset is that you can only post up paragliding accessories here, so you have a bigger chance to quickly sell a product that is not in use, or to find a useful accessory that you need.

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Our website couldn't be complete without the clubs, so we made a separate registration opportunity for them.
You can find the list of the clubs and everything you need to know about them in a separate menu.
If you are a member of a club, or you've learnt paragliding there, you can tag yourself at that club so you can be seen on the club's page for an easy connectivity with the other members.

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